Our Guarantee

Message In A Bottle ® Guarantee

We are the original and true Message in a Bottle ® and are certified as such on the Principle Register of the Patent and Trademark Office.

We are committed to providing great customer service that includes an unconditional money back guarantee so that you will always have a great purchasing experience.

We are committed to using only the best quality materials in the manufacture of our products and employing these in an ever varying assortment of new and exciting bottles.

As you can see we here at MessageInABottle.com are committed to providing you with both superior products and stellar service that are clearly a cut above the rest. Acknowledged as the preeminent provisioner of gift bottles and invitation bottles, we feel it our duty to provide you with a products and services that will be prized by your recipient and will no doubt become valued heirlooms.

Our current line-up is exquisite and indicative of our ever changing offerings. Not content to simply offer plain bottles, we offer a large selection of beautifully hand decorated bottles. Only the best concepts are used and those that make it to production are the select few. Unrivaled in their profession our artisans work hard at infusing each and every bottle with a personal touch.

Although it is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Message in a Bottle .com wants to assure you that we are the only company legally registered to sell and distribute the Message in a Bottle ® service and product. So go ahead and show off your impeccable taste by sending them a superlative gift, a genuine Message in a Bottle ®, and make them the envy of all their friends. Remember to show them you thought enough of them to send them the real thing. Simply look to your browser’s address bar and make sure it’s set to www.MessageInABottle.com


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