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What Matters

As the person whose job it is to ensure your company’s next big event is a success, you no doubt know that high open rates lead to high response rates. It naturally follows that high response rates lead to great attendance.
Given the aforementioned, you of course look for invitations that stand apart and get noticed in the mail. Genuine
Message In A Bottle ® is what you’re looking for.

Don’t Bill Your Guests

Imagine if you will a prospective customer or event attendee receives their daily mail delivered to their desk by the same person at the same time every day.

There are bills, correspondence and other assorted envelope mail. Nothing interesting; nothing worthy of a second look and much less any sort of immediate action.

There may even be an invitation bundled in with the other envelopes but they’ll never know because the chance of it being opened when it’s received is on par with them eagerly ripping open their credit card bill to check the balance. In other words, not likely

Curiosity Builds Excitement​

If instead a genuine Message In A Bottle invitation is used in the above scenario change is dramatic and immediate. From the time it hits the mail room, the staff knows that there is something different and exciting happening. Your invitation gets separated out for special attention as it’s sorted for delivery. Speculation as to who and what it’s for grips the room.

As it’s wheeled to its ultimate destination on the mail cart buzz is generated when people see it and ask what it’s all about. When it finally gets to your guest, it stands apart and is the first thing they go for. Envelope mail long forgotten, they quizzically look at the beautiful adornments inside and banter with the delivery person as to the purpose. Slowly the cork is removed, and the message retrieved. “What’s it say?” the mail delivery person who’s hung around for the payoff asks. “I got invited!” your guest says excitedly.

With that Message In A Bottle has flawlessly performed the one function that so many invitations fail to perform which is to be opened, read and acted upon.

Retention Means Retention

Message In A Bottle ® brand invitations not only have the upper hand at the time of delivery rather this benefit continues long after it’s received. Unlike envelope mail which can be stacked, shredded or thrown away without a second thought, something about the beauty of Message In A Bottle invitations makes discarding them difficult for the recipient. Perhaps it’s due to it being seen as more a gift than an invitation

Long after envelope mail is disposed of, your Message In A Bottle invitation sits on your guest’s desk beckoning them to your event or reminding them of your new product. What can be better for client retention than your very own ambassador taking a place of honor on your client’s desk keeping your brand and message top of mind? Try that with any other invitation!

“We used Message In A Bottle to create our invitations for our annual national conference. We were so happy with their work that we felt compelled to pass on a great word for them! Everything they did was perfect! Their follow up from the initial price quote was just right, their production of the product was incredibly fast, and the customer service throughout the process was stellar – and to top it all
off – the invitations were BEAUTIFUL!
We have received rave reviews from our field teams and franchisees and it has generated the right amount of excitement for our event! I couldn’t be happier with the product and the service we received from the team at Message In A Bottle and would highly recommend them to any person or corporation looking for innovative invitations for a special event.”

Teresa Howes
National Operations Manager
Jenny Craig

Great Partnerships Are Earned

Here at Message In A we’ve worked with and have become trusted partners of companies of all sizes from small one person operations to billion dollar multi-national conglomerates. As the inventors of this medium rest assured that we have the experience, know how and resources to accommodate your company’s next event no matter how big.

Through our services companies have among other things:

Incentivized employees by inviting them to

Thanked their best customers by inviting them to

Increased Brand Awareness by participating in and inviting prospects to

And finally boosted the bottom line by sending invitations as promotions for

Make It Official

There’s one last step to make your event a success. Make sure the invitations your company sends are genuine Message In A Bottle ® brand direct from the manufacturer Message In A Bottle, Inc. Just like you, most people end up here at Message In A Bottle .com and this many times includes curious invitation recipients who can at a glance tell if they’ve received a genuine invitation from our company. There’s scarcely anything more detrimental to a company’s reputation than using cheap, inferior products in their corporate messaging. Your event after all is a reflection of your company’s image and we’re sure you’ll agree that the event you’re planning deserves the best. Luckily with us it’s easy to get the best. Simply make sure your address bar looks like the one pictured on the left and you see our winged logo on our products. Message In A Bottle, Inc. is the one and only manufacturer of genuine Message In A Bottle ® brand invitations.

Come As You Are

Ordering with us is as simple as can be. If you don’t already have a logo or theme for your event, we’d be happy to create one. If your graphics department already has one simply forward your 300 dpi or better graphic it to our invitation division email:

We’ll create a sample for your review or simply call us at our toll-free number to discuss your event. 1-800-959-2069

The Guts And The Glory

Fast forward to the mandatory post event meeting where you’re undoubtedly heralded as a visionary by your peers and your efforts are rewarded by the top brass. Only now do you reflect how easy it all came to be with one simple decision you made. To enlist Message In A Bottle .com as your partner in pulling off the event everyone is talking about.

Knowing that high open rates lead to high attendance rates was the tricky part; knowing that Message In A Bottle is the go-to corporate invitation was the easy part. But you already knew that.


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