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Manufacturer Direct Savings

It’s true.

One of the perks you get when ordering your invitations manufacturer direct from us is that we’ll ship them to you for free. We all know that when planning any important event such as a wedding or a milestone birthday, the last thing you probably want to think about would be the delivery of your invitations on top of all the other details you’re trying to wrap your brain around. Worrying about the cost of shipping should definitely be last on your to-do list so that’s why Message In A Bottle .com just made it easier for you to plan the perfect event.

Get Free Shipping To You On These Great Invitations!

Get Free Shipping To You On These Great Invitations!

Message In A Bottle .com pre-packages and assembles everything by hand so you don’t have to.

Then we ship them to your doorstep for free
via Fed Ex ground.

This presents a great opportunity for you to hand deliver your invitations to further extend your savings and truly make your event a memorable experience for years to come…

Your total cost for this scenario is zero.

When you receive them, if instead of hand-delivery you choose to mail your pre-addressed invitations to your guests,
you’ll still enjoy the benefit of lower local shipping rates.

A Limited Time Offer

As with any ultra luxury brand Message In A Bottle ® invitations never really go on sale. This is because the quality of our offerings, the unsurpassed experience of our staff and the stringent standards our services are held to dictate that extra time and care be allocated to each and every order that leaves our facilities.

After all, sending out invitations of this caliber is meant to impress as well as invite, is it not? While lowering our standards or reducing the quality of our products to promote a sale is not an option, based on the volume of shipping we do, we worked with our carriers to offer Free Shipping to our invitation clients for a very limited time. So if you have an upcoming wedding, an anniversary party, a birthday party or a family get-together, take advantage of this great offer that can save you $100.00 or more on shipping costs while it lasts. We’ve made it so very easy and stress free, it’d be silly not to.

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