Product Description

Dolphin Wedding Invitations by Message In A Bottle

If you’re searching for dolphin wedding invitations for your upcoming beach-side nuptials, keep this whimsical design top of mind. Great for beach themed weddings our Enchanted Realm design features two sleek dolphins, one blue and one pink in color, happily cavorting in an ocean setting. As with all our designs, you can match the colors of this porpoise inspired design to your wedding’s color pallet at no additional charge.

Why send dolphin wedding invites for your special day?

One can start with the knowledge that dolphins are held in very high regard in many seafaring cultures around the world. In Celtic folklore for instance one of the dolphin’s predominant meanings is that of new beginnings. Now how fitting is that? For sailors from cultures in the Far East, seeing a dolphin while at sea meant good luck as it indicated that they would find safe harbor in their travels. A happy coincidence or is it more like the perfect metaphor for the safe harbor you’ve found in your own relationship? Finally the great seafaring Greeks of yore saw the dolphin as a messenger of the gods and a blessed symbol of the ocean. What better then than a playful, colorful, and mystical dolphin wedding invitation motif to convey to your guests the joy you have found and want to share?

Whether your reason is to communicate the everlasting nature of your commitment, imbue your event with some of the other virtues attributed to the dolphin like peace and harmony or if you just simply like dolphins, genuine Message In A Bottle dolphin wedding invites are the best choice for your beach wedding.