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Our Brand Is
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Heart of Hearts
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What girl wouldn’t choose real diamonds over fake or name brand cosmetics over the drug store brand?
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I Heart You
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Some may say,

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Message In A Bottle, Inc.

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Your One Shot At Making A Great
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Birthday Baloons
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Unrivaled Expertise
Since 1997

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Our authentic Message In A Bottle brand gift is your preferred personalized love letter on Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. This romantic gift features a 12-inch tall glass bottle with “Love is the Beginning of Forever” printed on it. Get creative by writing your own message on the scroll which will be surrounded by red silk rose petals within the bottle. The aged parchment scroll is secured by our rustic cord tied into a fancy bow. Your personalized bottle gift is then placed in our fancy red gift box with white bow ready to be presented and admired. This gift message is great as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, Valentine’s Day gift, just because gift or whenever you want to send a romantic love poem to someone special.

Full Size 12 Inch Tall Glass Bottle made of crystal clear glass of the highest quality and red silk rose petals

Our Everlasting Scrolls Is Made Of Archival Quality Parchment Paper So You Know Your Message Will Stand The Test Of Time.

A Handsome Presentation Fancy Red Gift Box With Hand-Tied Bow.

Manufacturer’s Certificate Of Authenticity.
Your Loved One Will Know You Sent Them The Very Best!

From $39.99
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From $39.99
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—5 Star Review—

“My wife came to tears as I sent this to her during our anniversary with me being gone for the military. It was the perfect gift for the occasion!” – Bradley N

To The Moon And Back
From $44.99
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Love It Or
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Your Money Back Guaranteed.

How Can You Be Sure The Gift You’re Buying Is Authentic?

Simply make sure your address bar is set to the right site, like so:

Look for our logo & trademark to be prominently displayed

Look for our proprietary design studio that allows you to customize your gift while easily crafting your own heartfelt sentiments.

Genuine Quality Is Priceless

On this very important occasion remember that Message In A Bottle .com
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direct gifts of unparalleled quality.

Genuine Quality

“Our reputation depends on it –
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Will make an awesome anniversary gift. Excellent seller.
By Eric L. –

—5 Star Review—

My order was completed to perfection,
I can’t think of a single negative thing to say.
This was a great gift thanks.
Breon Brewster. –


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