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Cheers Gift Bottle
Cheers Gift Bottle
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Cheers Gift Bottle - Inscribed with the verse "Happy Birthday To You!" Send well wishes to your loved one on their birthday.


I never want to frighten you With the things I face each day Just know I'll always love you Keep sending your prayers my way Though oceans still divide us And our eyes will seldom meet Remember, you're the star in my sky The reason I can feel my heart beat When my load gets heavy, days grow long And there's no such thing as a phone I close my eyes and we're together again In my heart, you're the thing that means home.


What was it that attracted me? That mysterious force. I'm asking myself as I stand in the sand, With the sun looming overhead. The water rushes up and takes hold of my naked feet, As my mind flows over with images of you, Painting a picture from what I know, And using my imagination for the rest. How can I express the grief I feel, Being held apart from you by this ocean? I would fall in the water and let the fierce tide carry me away, If surely, I'd meet your arms.


I could swear an oath upon: "I've seen an angel here today" For a woman of such beauty Could not exist the mortal way Yet here you are before me Casting that brilliant light A sunrise to my heart To arouse me from the night Our paths are drawn together Our souls whispering in our ears Something subtle, yet passionate Enough to make things clear


As clear as your eyes are ethereal They burn my heart so deep Enchanting is your sweet smile A treasure so worthy to keep Your voice, a river to one who thirsts Your hair, I long to touch Those lips I've kissed before, you see In my dreams have I done such And all that I am, perhaps Was made for you to keep I'll give all to you readily For you've awakened me from my sleep



I wouldn't have the strength to get through all of life's difficulties Without you. I couldn't savor the sweetness of achieving my dreams Without you. My life just wouldn't be complete Without you. I am so thankful you chose to spend your life With me. Happy Anniversary!


We started our life together as two very separate and independent people. But as our love grew our two distinct lives became intertwined and connected. Now instead of being you and me we are us. And our life is one Together inseparable forever. Happy Anniversary!


On this day years ago we pledged our lives together. On this day years ago I vowed I'd never stop loving you. On this day years ago I promised I'd always be there. And today on this day I want to tell you I'm so very grateful I did! Happy Anniversary!


We've had our share of problems but we've enjoyed a rich life Together. We've gone through the tough times Together. We've savored our successes and dreams Together. We've started growing old Together. I'm so very glad that we're Together. Happy Anniversary!


The days come and go filled with work the kids bills. Too often life's complications take all of my energy and time. So on this our Anniversary I want you to know that you are the one that gets me through the hectic life we lead. Because no matter where I am or what I'm doing I know you're there supporting me loving me. With you beside me I know I can handle anything that comes our way. You are my purpose my only true love my life. Happy Anniversary!



Better friends could never be found, You can look high & low the whole world around, Of good times and bad mile after mile, The memories we've made always make me smile, So, a hug & thank you in this bottle I send, To show you my love because you're my best friend.


If I fell and scraped my knees, You’d dry away my tears. And when I had a nightmare, You came to calm my fears. As a child I always knew, You’d be there when I’d call. To comfort me in the dark, And catch me if I’d fall. And now that I am older, I value your love more. And know that you’ll still be there, ‘Cause that’s what moms are for!


You've always been my biggest fan, Encouraging me to be the best I could be. You cheered me on as I achieved my goals, And comforted me during my disappointments. But of all the gifts you've given me in my life, The most precious one is your love. Thank you for believing in me. I love you.


When I was a child, I never doubted that you were with me every step of the way. Whether I was at home or away, I felt your presence, supporting me in everything I did. Now that I’m a parent, I’m even more aware of the sacrifices you made for me. I can only now truly appreciate the strength of the love you have given me all of these years. As time goes on, I know your example has empowered me to be the best parent I can be. Because of you, I’m able to give my kids the same priceless gift that you gave me: Yourself.



As a child, When I fell asleep on the way home from grandma’s I’d wake up later in my bed, wondering how I got there. You carried me in your arms. When I ran ahead of the family during a hike in the woods, I’d run out of energy, wondering how I’d make it back to the car. You gave me a ride on your shoulders. When I jumped into the waves, leaping over the surf, I’d drift out too far, wondering how I’d swim back to shore. You held me above the foam with strong hands. Now today, When I go out into the world ready to take on anything, I suddenly lose my confidence, wondering how I’ll get through the day. You inspire me with your words. Thank you, Dad, for being there each and every time I’ve needed you.


If I stumbled, you were there to catch me, telling me how proud you were that I’d taken the first step. If I made a mistake, you were there to comfort me, telling me how proud you were that I’d learned. If I didn’t think I could do it, you were there to encourage me, telling me how proud you were that I had tried. If I succeeded, you were always the first to congratulate me, telling me how proud you were that I had persevered. Now it’s my turn. I’ve always been proud to call you my dad.



Valentine's Day
Roses were red, Violets were blue, Their colors have faded, Compared to you, I cannot ignore, The one thing that's true, I never see beauty, Unless I see you, I Love You! Happy Valentines Day!


Cupid is bored and falling asleep, His eyes are fast shut and he's counting sheep, His arrows are packed for moving away, His work is all done, no reason to stay, He'll never doubt the one thing that's clear, That you are the one that I hold most dear, My love is so strong it will last for all time, I know that I'm yours, will you please be mine? I Love You! Happy Valentine's Day!



A simple card would never do, To carry all my feelings to (for) you, My love in this bottle may help to express, My care for you, I wish you the best. Happy Birthday!


I wish you the best in every way, So have the happiest of all Birthdays!





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