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Message In A Bottle Invitations

The Official & Only
Site of Real
Message In A Bottle

A Superior Experience

From windswept beaches
to the most upscale venues,
Message In A Bottle invitation service
is perfect for beckoning
family and friends to the most important
events of your life with the sophistication
and elegance that you demand.

Superior Service

Message In A provides end to end services that result in
complete invitations that are fully coordinated and do not require additional
assembly for about the same price as inferior do-it yourself products found elsewhere.


- No more trying to learn how to create a quality hand crafted invitations
only to give up in frustration

- No more wasted time and materials lost to trial and error

- Having your own personal invitation expert that is there for you throughout the process

- Having Message In A's unmatched expertise at your service

- The peace of mind you'll feel sending your guests real Message In A Bottle ® brand invitations

Superior Materials

We believe that to create impeccable invitations one must start with the best materials. Our beautiful proprietary glass and plastic bottles are Post Office approved, crystal clear and of the highest quality. Unlike bottles available elsewhere, neither our glass nor our plastic bottles are the small condiment or sauce bottles. These can typically be identified by an unsightly screw-top thread that is sometimes disguised with a cord tied into a knot around the thread. Additionally we import from France only the finest acid-free archival quality parchment paper for the production of our invitation scrolls.

Superior Results

With real Message In A Bottle invitations, no assembly of your invitations is required, we do all the work for you! You can either receive your order of invitations already pre-addressed and ready to take the Post Office or to hand deliver yourself or you can order postage and have us ship them for you.

What to Expect

Each one of our Message In A Bottle invitations is lovingly assembled and decorated by hand. We offer a full range of services and a full line of products, so please call us toll free at 1-800-959-2069 if you have any special requests. Because our designs are professionally coordinated, the theme of your invitation remains consistent throughout its presentation. Every bottle comes with its own label and matching invitation that is printed with the particulars of your event and hand-rolled and placed inside the bottle. From the simple to the ornate, we're sure you'll find an invitation that is exactly what you are looking for.

Includes Destination Invitations
-8 inch tall plastic-
Signature Invitations
-8 inch tall glass-
Premiere Invitations
-11 inch tall glass-
Beautiful Bottle Included Included Included
Shell Accent Around Bottle Neck N/A Optional Included
Sand & Seashells Inside Included Included Included
High Quality Cork Included Included Included
Themed Bottle Label Included Included Included
Hand Burnt Edges Optional Optional Included
Hand Scrolled Invitation Included Included Included
Invitation Scroll Drawstring Included Included Included
Matching Rsvp Optional Optional Included
Rsvp Envelope N/A Optional Included
Shipping Box Optional Included Included
Full Assembly Included Included Included
Custom Professional Printing Included Included Included
Extra Travel Info Sheet Optional Optional Included
White Glossy Presentation Box N/A N/A Included
Physical Proof Mailed To You Included Included Included
Personal Invitation Consultant Included Included Included
Free Shipping To You Included Included Included

Some Of Our Happy Clientele

  • "We just received the invites! They look amazing! Thank you so much for all the work you put into doing them so well!

  • We received our
    Message In A Bottle invitations from you today. A big thank you to all!!!!.... we are delighted,as will our guests be when they receive them in the post!!.

  • Good Morning,
    I received the final proof for my invitations yesterday. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you I love them sooo much! I can't wait till my guests receive theirs in the mail.

  • "I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with how the invitations turned out! They look great, and our guests were very impressed by them. Thank you so much for putting together such a unique, beautiful invite. I'm so glad we decided to use your product. Thanks again!

  • I just wanted to take a second to thank you all for your amazing customer service. I am having a destination wedding and used Message In A Bottle as a unique way to send out my bridesmaid invitations. Everyone was so impressed with the way they turned out. I was impressed at how quickly everything was shipped. Thanks for helping me add a truly unique and special touch to my upcoming wedding. :) Your Truly,

  • It was a pleasure working with you and your service was excellent. We are so happy with the way these invitations turned out. We will highly recommend you in the future to anyone who might be interested in this sort of thing.